As a brand we do care that our products don't unnecessarily ruin the planet. We do not want to claim we are perfect as that's not our point we just want to be transparent with our customers.

Packaging is something that has no right to not be eco friendly.

Our boxes are fully biodegradable, made from certified wood and meets clean air policy. With every bulk order manufactures plan a tree in locations that are in risk of deforestation . Manufactured in Poland.

Our tape are 100% recycled FSC, is water activated therefore is fully biodegradable and are printed with soy based ink which is renewable source. With every order manufacturer plants a tree in areas of need.

Our stickers are made from FSC certified paper, acid free cellulose fiber and also printed with soy based ink. With every order manufacturer plants a tree in areas of need.

Our thank you cards made from 100% FSC-certified recycled paper. Printed with soy ink and are 100% compostable. With every order manufacturer plants a tree in areas of need.

Our wrapping paper at this moment we don't exactly know composition of our wrapping paper. We are using dead stock from different company. This wrapping paper was about to go into waste without being used at all so we thought it better to give it at least one life. Once we run out for this wrapping paper we already found manufactured of eco-friendly option. Will update you on any changes in this section.

Our dust bags are eco friendly  made out of 100% cotton in Poland by small family company.


All fabrics for our ready-to wear are as eco friendly as we could find. Most of them are organic or OEKO-TEX certified, more details are under each product. Our clothing logo labels and  informative labels are made out of 100% cotton.

We also produce everything to order as we don't want to risk having dead unwanted stock. We keep rest of our production within Europe as it help us ensue the quality of the products and conditions of the workers, so we don't benefit of anyone's suffering.


If you would like to ask questions about any of the statements or would like to know in details about different certificates feel free to contacts us and we will explain further anything needed.